Our Process

Founder Don Waller is an attentive listener committed to designing cabinetry that suits your specific lifestyle, preferences, and style. Don works personally with every client and begins the design process only after getting to know your goals for the house and for the space the cabinetry will be placed.

Questions like “Do you plan to live in the house forever or sell in the next few years?” are important ones that will affect the design and Don’s ability to come up with ingenious solutions to storage problems you may not even realize you had.

During his first visit to your home, Don will outline the options and listen attentively as you detail what you’d like to see incorporated in your space. Magazines and books featuring design elements you like are helpful, so feel free to pull these out. Before he leaves, Don will take detailed measurements to use in the design process.

At your second meeting with Don, computer drawings will be presented for your review and input. This is an ideal time to tweak the design and add or delete features. A second set of drawings may, or may not be needed, and it is after their approval that a detailed quote and timeline will be presented for your review and approval.

Cabinetry is manufactured in the Wood Butcher shop and then installed in your home by Don’s crew.